Read our review of Right-Pulse Complex Blood Pressure Support. We go over its benefits, ingredients, the company behind it, and more.

Right-Pulse Complex Blood Pressure Support is a natural supplement that supports healthy blood pressure levels. It may also help remove blood stasis, clean arteries, control blood sugar, and prevent cardiovascular events. However, these benefits have not been evaluated by the FDA. The following is an overview of the product and company behind Right-Pulse Complex.

Product Overview

Right-Pulse Complex contains four main ingredients: olive leaf extract, garlic, hibiscus sabdariffa, and magnesium. Together, they help promote healthy blood pressure levels. For example, olive leaf extract has antihypertensive properties that may lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

The garlic not only helps to clean plaque buildup in the arteries but also increases the body’s nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide is a compound that relaxes blood vessels and naturally increases blood flow. Therefore, garlic may help improve your circulation.

Right-Pulse Complex also has hibiscus sabdariffa, which may be comparable to blood pressure drugs when it comes to its efficacy. Moreover, it provides these benefits without any of the side effects of commonly prescribed drugs. Lastly, its magnesium content supports lower blood pressure while simultaneously helping with insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

Company Overview

Right-Pulse Complex is made by BioYouth Labs, which makes it its mission to “help you reach peak levels of mental and physical well-being so that you can enjoy a renewed zest for life during your senior years.” Their goal is to help increase your body awareness through natural supplements that address your physical and mental challenges.

As part of their vision, they hope to provide senior clients with a renewed mental clarity and energy that will bring them happiness. BioYouth values commitment, personalization, relationships, integrity, affordability, results, and accountability. As a result, many of their customers are happy with the results they see from their supplements.

Customer Reviews

Moshea Simmons started taking Right-Pulse Complex to help with their hypertension. According to the review, not only did the supplement work wonders, but their “doctor allowed me to ween off the medication and now I only take Bioyouth.”

Trish Moss, another happy customer, has had high blood pressure for years. However, after taking Right-Pulse Complex, her levels are not in the danger zone anymore. “It works great, my blood pressure is still slightly high – I don’t think it will ever be normal – but it’s low enough it’s not super dangerous anymore,” writes Trish. “I plan on taking this supplement for the rest of my life.”

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