Life Pill Laboratories has developed 40+ Heart Defense to help offer support for healthy blood pressure, healthy cholesterol, and for healthy blood sugar.

40+ Heart Defense is unique in the fact that it targets blood sugar while also targeting blood pressure and cholesterol. And what you get with 40+ Heart Defense is a supplement packed with a lot in it.

Does that mean it is going to prove to be effective in the many ways you want it to?

Let’s take a look at 40+ Heart Defense and see if it is worth taking to give your heart the support it is looking for.

What Exactly is 40+ Heart Defense?

40+ Heart Defense is a capsule supplement that combines a variety of amino acids (10 in total), minerals (9 in total), vitamins (5 in total), and additional ingredients. And you get all that from 3 ingredients bryophyllum pinnatum, vitamin c, and moringa oleifera.

Each bottle includes 60 capsules with 700mg of vitamin c, 25mg of moringa oleifera, and 25mg bryophyllum pinnatum.

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How Does 40+ Heart Defense Work?

With the combination of the 3 ingredients in 40+ Heart Defense, it is made to slowly help support the heart. Overall, you’re getting a high dose of vitamin c, which does a lot more for us than just help support the immune system.

With the vitamin c in here, you can expect to see it help support your health from cholesterol levels, to helping with inflammation and even blood pressure support.

With the other ingredients in such minimal quantities, it’s hard to say they can offer the same kind of support you would get from other heart health supplements.

In many cases, people are taking as much as 1500mg of moringa a day.

While this formula is simple, it does offer support for the heart. As far as the breakdown of what you’re getting in here goes, you’re getting a lot of nutrients, but in small quantities.

How Do You Use 40+ Heart Defense

40+ Heart Defense is as easy as just taking a single pill once each day. And you actually get 60 pills in each bottle.

Overall Recommendation for 40+ Heart Defense

If you’re looking for something to help you with your heart health that offers a more subtle approach, this is a great product. You get a great combination of ingredients in an easy to use pill that you take just once each day.

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