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Heart Studies Formula by Exsula Superfoods is a SuperFood blend for your heart and circulation. It claims to help restore optimal cardiovascular function without surgery, dissolve and flush out arterial plaque, normalize blood pressure, and improve physical performance. The following is an overview of the supplement and how it may help with your health needs.

Product Overview

Heart Studies Formula ReviewsThe cardiovascular system, which includes your veins, arteries, and heart, can be susceptible to inflammation. However, Heart Studies Formula may be able to help decrease overall inflammation.

As a no-nonsense nutrition supplement, Heart Studies Formula may help support healthy heart performance and clean arteries. Moreover, it may also help with cholesterol levels as it promotes the removal of cholesterol deposits.

The formula is based on years of research by the world’s top scientists. It combines 34 key nutrients that work together to provide optimal circulatory health. Moreover, its unique source of nutrients, effective potencies, and carefully balanced ratios help create an effective supplement for cardiovascular health.

Additional Considerations

Heart Studies Formula is not meant to replace healthy habits like eating a heart-healthy diet or exercising regularly. In addition, it doesn’t offer protection from excessive homogenized dairy fats, trans fats, fried foods, or fried animal fats. If you are undergoing medical care for any condition or have a history of heart and circulation problems, you should consult your doctor before taking any supplements.

While Heart Studies Formula supports your body when it comes to restoring the optimal operating environment in the circulatory system, it is not a miracle supplement. In other words, it’s not meant to be a complete or balanced source of nutrition, to treat a specific medical condition, or to be used by infants, children, and teens.

Heart Studies Formula may also temporarily raise your blood cholesterol levels. While the formula contains zero cholesterol, it does work to dissolve solidified cholesterol off arterial walls, which turn into liquid form and raise your cholesterol in the short term. They also recommend you have an abundance of fiber in your diet to help bind the “re-liquified” cholesterol and remove it from your system.

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