Read our CholestOff Plus reviews to find out if this supplement has what you need. We go over its ingredients, benefits, customer reviews, and more.

CholestOff Plus by Nature Made is a supplement that uses a proprietary blend of plant sterols and stanols (Reducol®) USP-verified ingredients. These ingredients are packed in easy-to-swallow liquid softgels and work to support lower dietary cholesterol. To learn more about this cholesterol supplement, keep reading below.

Product Overview

CholestOff Plus ReviewsCholestOff Plus provides 1800 mg of plant sterols and stanols in just two softgels taken twice daily. According to them, this is in line with the National Cholesterol Education Program’s (NCEP) recommendation of 2 grams of plant sterols and stanols per day to lower cholesterol.

The NCEP is an umbrella program under the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The NIH has issued recommendations on lowering dietary cholesterol levels. To do this, they recommend people decrease their dietary intake of total saturated fats, cholesterol, and trans fats. Moreover, they suggest an increase in soluble fiber (10 to 25 g per day) and plant sterols or stanols (2 g per day).

Since the typical American diet consists of about 200 mg of plant sterols/stanols per day, taking a supplement like CholestOff Plus can help you reach the recommendations by the NCEP. Furthermore, the program encourages people to adopt other therapeutic lifestyle changes (TLC) like increasing their physical activity and managing their weight.

The ingredients in CholestOff Plus include esterified sterols and stanols (Reducol®). These ingredients have been clinically studied and may promote lower dietary cholesterol levels. In addition, Nature Made conducted clinical trials to examine the effects of CholestOff Plus and found that taking the supplement while following a TLC diet may help reduce LDL blood cholesterol.

Customer Reviews

According to one Amazon customer, CholestOff Plus is “an excellent product to help control cholesterol if you are not able to use statins; been using it for years.” Another wrote that they “have been taking this supplement for years. So glad I can get it through Amazon.” However, some customers have complained about the price.

“I took this for one year and on my next test, it was still the same, basically. I think it lowered a few points but not enough to call it useful,” writes Amazon customer Stan. “And that’s over $150 worth of supplement. However, I can honestly say that over that one year I did regress in my eating choices so I will give Cholestoff some benefit of the doubt and say that even though I exercised less and ate worse foods that it still did help a little. In my mind, I thought I could let my guard down because I thought this was going to help me so much that I could relax a little.”

l-arginine plusAs the product suggests, it’s a good idea to take CholestOff Plus along with the TLC diet if you want it to work as intended. In other words, if you’re going to eat unhealthily all the time, then don’t expect this or any other supplement to do all the work for you – because they won’t.

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