Read our Carditone reviews to find out information about this cardiovascular support supplement, including its benefits and ingredients.

Carditone is a heart health supplement by Ayush Herbs that offers blood pressure support and is a certified organic supplement. Through a combination of extracts such as Rauwolfia, this formula helps promote blood pressure and heart health.

In addition, it contains Convolvulus pluricaulis and rose powder, which help provide some calming properties. It also includes Terminalia arjuna, which has high levels of heart-healthy antioxidants and has been used to support heart health.

Furthermore, Carditone contains Tribulus Terrestris and Boerhaavia diffusa, which help support the kidney, as well as magnesium and minerals. These help to maintain healthy levels of cellular and plasma electrolytes. Finally, this supplement is “energetically balanced using the wisdom of Ayurveda,” providing a comprehensive cardiovascular support supplement.

Product Overview

Carditone ReviewsThe main herb behind this supplement is a morning glory-like creeping herb called Convolvulus pluricaulis. In Ayurveda tradition, this herb has been used in treating nervous and brain disorders. To illustrate, it helps to calm the nerves by regulating the body’s stress hormone production (namely its adrenaline and cortisol).

Furthermore, Convolvulus pluricaulis is used as a tranquilizer, psycho-stimulant, and as memory support, while also supporting healthy cholesterol levels. Moreover, it supports blood lipid levels and does this all through times of insomnia, fever, dysentery, and more.

Additional Features

If your blood pressure levels are already within a normal range, Carditone helps support those levels. Its formula is rich in antioxidants and helps promote relaxation through its ingredients.

Carditone also contains powerful herb extracts such as Arjuna, Rauwolfia, Rose, Punarnava, and Gokhru, which help support your cardiovascular system. Through its use of magnesium, it may help to maintain your calcium and potassium levels, which also benefit your heart. Carditone is made from all-natural ingredients and organic herbs, with its wheat-free mineral tablets being vegetarian.

The proprietary formula was created by Ayurvedic and Naturopathic physicians to help support healthy blood pressure and the cardiovascular system. Finally, through its combination of Ayurvedic medicine and the latest scientific technology, Ayush Herbs provides a high-quality Ayurvedic herbal supplement.

To use, simply take one caplet of Carditone per day or as directed by your physician or healthcare professional.

Choosing the Right Supplement

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As one of the most popular l-arginine supplements on the market, it helps promote your health in multiple ways. For example, its ingredients are effective at promoting circulation, blood pressure, cholesterol, and more.

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