Read our SwissRX Nitric Oxide reviews benefits to find out if this supplement can help you during workouts and training.

Swiss RX Nitric Oxide is a supplement that helps boost performance, increase training time, and promotes faster gains. It helps to increase the ability to maintain hard workouts, push harder during training, and boosts nitric oxide (NO) for 3 to 5 hours.

As an effective natural performance enhancer, Swiss RX Nitric Oxide works to boost endurance and oxygen capacity. What makes the supplement work is its ability to promote nitric oxide production.

Nitric Oxide Benefits

SwissRX works by boosting nitric oxide, a natural molecule that dilates arteries and increases blood flow. Moreover, this increase in circulation reaches the muscles, leading to better recovery and better endurance.

A lot of nitric oxide supplements focus on l-arginine, an amino acid that can lead to a short spike in NO for 3 hours. However, this temporary boost can fade very quickly.

In contrast, SwissRX uses l-citrulline to lead the body to naturally produce l-arginine. Through their formula, SwissRX can help increase maximum levels at a faster rate and for longer periods.

Furthermore, they combine l-citrulline with a patented grape seed extract that helps activate the body’s NO production. It will also help maintain arterial dilation, relax blood vessels, and increase oxygen flow.

How to Take SwissRX

To get the benefits of SwissRX, take between 4 and 6 capsules per day. Moreover, you should take 4 capsules about 60 minutes before workouts.

If you’re working out in the morning, they recommend you take 4 capsules about 60 minutes before training and 2 capsules at night. Conversely, if you’re training at night, take 2 capsules in the morning and 4 right before training. On resting days, take a total of 4 capsules: 2 in the morning and 2 at night.

Additional Information

Using SwissRX in sports is legal as l-citrulline is legally allowed in sports and it is not a restricted substance. It may also help with erectile dysfunction (ED) as it increases blood flow, but more research is necessary to conclusively claim this benefit.

Furthermore, you should follow all recommendations regarding dosage. Taking more than necessary may lead to tingling in the fingers and toes in addition to other side effects.

l-arginine plusAlternative Supplements

If you’re looking for an alternative to SwissRX, Best Heart Health Supplements is the perfect place to make your decision. We provide multiple reviews on heart health supplements so that readers can choose among the best.

A great alternative supplement to SwissRX is L-arginine Plus – a heart supplement that also increases nitric oxide production. It combines effective amounts of both l-arginine and l-citrulline to increase nitric oxide in an efficient and safe manner.

If you want to learn more about this SwissRX alternative, read our L-arginine Plus reviews to make your decision.

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