Read our Max-Q10 Ultra PQQ reviews to find out if this supplement provides the benefits you need for your heart and health.

Stop Aging Now is a company that focuses on making supplements that promote a longer, healthier life. One of their products is Max-Q10 Ultra PQQ CoQ10 Complex – a supplement that supports heart and brain health for healthy aging.

It combines powerful ingredients like bio-identical Kaneka Q10 CoQ10 with premium grade PQQ. In turn, this formula provides powerful antioxidant support for healthy aging and cellular energy production.

Moreover, it includes BioPerine^ black pepper extract and powerful doses of resveratrol, L-carnitine, vitamin D3, and plant-based omega-3s. The combination of these ingredients helps increase CoQ10 absorption and promotes heart, brain, and overall health.

Max-Q10 Ultra PQQ ReviewsProduct Highlights

Max-Q10 Ultra PQQ CoQ10 Complex works through its potent dose of a highly pure form of PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone). They produce this high-quality PQQ through a unique fermentation process that makes it one of the highest quality PQQ in the world.*

The formula also contains 200 mg of 100% Kaneka Q10 trans-form CoQ10, an ingredient that is bio-identical to CoQ10 that the body produces. In addition to the CoQ10, it contains 4 potent ingredients that boost cardiovascular and cognitive health.

The formula contains life’sOmega plant-based omega-3s, resveratrol antioxidant, l-carnitine amino acid, vitamin D3, and BioPerine^ standardized black pepper extract. These ingredients serve as antioxidants and may increase CoQ10 absorption by more than 30%.*

The antioxidants are especially helpful in supporting cardiovascular health, cognitive health, and neutralizing free radicals. Moreover, the formula supports healthy mitochondrial density, leading to a boost in overall energy levels.

It can boost energy by promoting normal cellular energy production; it can also help replenish CoQ10 levels due to statins.* Max-Q10 Ultra PQQ CoQ10 Complex is made in an FDA inspected facility that meets current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

Main Benefits

The four main benefits behind Max-Q10 Ultra PQQ CoQ10 Complex is as heart support, cellular energizer, brain support, and healthy aging. It offers heart support by energizing and protecting the heart as well as the entire cardiovascular system.*

Additionally, it helps regenerate mitochondria and boost cellular energy production.* It enhances brain health by promoting optimal cognitive function and brain cell energy.*

Lastly, it has antioxidant ingredients that help promote healthy aging and youthful energy.*

How to Take

As a CoQ10 supplement, it’s important to follow certain dosage guidelines. Fortunately, most individuals can take CoQ10 and experience no adverse effects.

At the moment, there are no established ideal dose guidelines for CoQ10. However, the makers of Max-Q10 Ultra PQQ CoQ10 Complex recommend a dose between 60 mg to 600 mg daily for adults.

An important consideration is weight, with a good general guideline being 1 mg per pound of body weight. In other words, if you weigh 150 lbs., it means you can take around 150 mg.

Even so, it’s important to note that this is a general guideline and that individuals may be able to take more or have to take less. For instance, people who take statin drugs for their cholesterol management may have to take higher doses (between 200 mg to 600 mg).

Ultimately, you should discuss taking supplements with your doctor before adding them to your routine – especially if you’re taking medications.

Max-Q10 Ultra PQQ ReviewsOther Supplements

Best Heart Health Supplements. Provides various heart health supplement reviews. While Max-Q10 Ultra PQQ works to promote brain and heart health, it’s important to look at other supplements for comparison.

For example, HeartBeet Complete is one of the top heart supplements due to its ingredients. In addition to containing CoQ10, it has turmeric, l-arginine, l-citrulline, beetroot powder, and key vitamins and minerals.

These ingredients work together to promote healthy blood pressure, cholesterol support, more energy and stamina, and more. To learn more about this heart health supplement, read our HeartBeet Complete reviews to see if it’s what your heart needs.

^BioPerine® is a trademark of Sabinsa Corporation

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