Read our KOS Organic Beetroot reviews to find out if this supplement can benefit your circulation and other health needs.

KOS Organic Beetroot Capsules contain beetroot powder that has vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds with medicinal properties. These ingredients have proven health benefits that have made the beetroot one of the most popular superfoods out there. Moreover, this supplement is simple to use: just take 3 capsules per day or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Product Overview

KOS Organic Beet Root ReviewsBeets (or beetroots) are a great source of essential nutrients and plant protein with amazing healing attributes. Their nitrate content helps reduce blood pressure, offers cardio protection, and enhances workout performance while protecting against free radicals.

Furthermore, they are a great source of plant-based protein, calcium, fiber, and iron. If you are looking for a convenient way to get these benefits, beetroot powder is the way to go.

Supplement Benefits

  • Beetroot can help support healthy circulation and healthy blood pressure levels. If you want to maintain your blood pressure in the normal range, beet supplements may help.
  • In addition to providing circulation support, beets contain antioxidants that help fight against free radicals. One of the side effects of aging is our cells becoming more vulnerable to oxidative stress and toxic free radicals. One of the best ways to protect yourself is through dietary antioxidants like the betalain found in beetroot.
  • Various health disorders can be traced back to chronic inflammation problems. However, beets are proven to be plant-based anti-inflammation agents. They are also a natural alternative to NSAIDs and other similar medications.
  • According to studies, beets may reduce the increase in pulmonary oxygen uptake while doing moderate-intensity exercises. In other words, if you want to increase your VO2 Max while exercising, beet supplements may be able to help.

Studies constantly show that drinking a glass of beet juice per day may significantly reduce blood pressure levels. In addition, because of their antioxidant content, beetroots may help protect against oxidative stressors that damage our health. Finally, they may be able to fight inflammation without the negative reactions of conventional medications.

KOS Organic Beetroot contains beetroot powder so it can provide you with all of these benefits. Furthermore, they offer a 60-day guarantee, so if the supplement doesn’t meet your expectations, you can get a full refund.

Alternative Beetroot Supplements

Max-Q10 Ultra PQQ ReviewsIt’s important to be able to compare various supplements, which is why you can find multiple reviews here at Best Heart Health Supplements. One alternative beetroot supplement to KOS Organic Beet Root is a popular supplement called HeartBeet Complete.

It contains ingredients that effectively promote circulation, lower blood pressure, higher energy levels, and more. To find out how this alternative fares against KOS Organic Beet Root Capsules, read our HeartBeet Complete review to learn more.