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Herbal-BP Blood Pressure Support contains a proprietary blend of medical-grade botanical extracts formulated to promote healthy blood pressure. It features MegaNatural®-BP for blood pressure support, KSM-66® Ashwagandha for stress support, and a synergistic blend of additional medical-grade botanical extracts. The following is an overview of the supplement and how it may benefit you.

Product overview

Herbal-BP ReviewsThrough its ingredients, Herbal-BP aims to support healthy blood pressure and stress management in a natural way. It works to maintain blood pressure within a healthy range, protect the body from the negative effects of stress, and support cardiovascular health.

Herbal-BP Benefits

Its ingredients include MegaNatural-BP Grape Seed extract, Garlic extract, and Olive Leaf extract. Together, these potent ingredients work to naturally support blood pressure.

In addition, its KSM-66 Ashwagandha content promotes stress resistance and relaxation, which also helps with cardiovascular health. Moreover, it contains L-Theanine, a tea compound that helps with tension reduction and improved relaxation.

Finally, since high blood pressure is a significant factor in developing heart disease, Herbal-BP works to naturally strengthen the heart. Its Hawthorn Leaf extract provides potent antioxidant effects that help regulate blood pressure with the side effects.

Company Overview

Herbal-BP is made by DailyNutra, a smart nutrition company that is passionate about human potential. They formulate, design, and manufacture top-quality supplements backed by clinical science and made from natural ingredients.

They also ensure their consumers receive optimal results by using high-potency, standardized plant extracts. You always know what you’re getting with DailyNutra thanks to their transparent Supplement Facts.

DailyNutra formulates all of its supplements on clinical science, resulting in products that use effective ingredients and dosages. Their supplements are also independently verified by trusted labs to ensure they are safe, reliable, and pure.

They believe in using the healing power of nature and putting it to use through the plant-based extracts that form the basis for their formulations. DailyNutra sources only the cleanest ingredients and focuses on organic and non-GMO standards. Lastly, their supplements are gluten-free, vegetarian, and manufactured in a third-party-inspected facility in the U.S.

Choosing Your Supplement

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