Read our Heart Factors Plus reviews to learn more about this supplement. We go over its benefits, ingredients, and more.

If you’re looking for an easy way to add antioxidants to your everyday heart health routine, then Heart Factors Plus may be for you. Its formula has been designed to help promote healthy blood pressure levels and a healthy heart.

As an l-arginine supplement, it works by boosting nitric oxide production in the body. In turn, nitric oxide helps support healthy circulation and healthy blood pressure levels. Moreover, Heart Factors Plus includes antioxidants that support heart health. These include green tea extract, grape seed extract, chaste tree berry, and vitamin B6.

Product Overview

Heart Factors Plus ReviewsThe main ingredient behind the Heart Factors Plus formula is l-arginine. As a semi-essential amino acid, l-arginine works as a precursor to nitric oxide, enhancing its production levels in the body. By taking two capsules in the morning, you’ll be able to boost your nitric oxide levels, which will widen your blood vessels and help increase blood flow.

However, if you’re looking to enhance your sexual function, you can take between four to six capsules about three hours before any sexual activity. If you’re using Heart Factors Plus to boost your exercise performance, then take it about 30 minutes before the start of your workout routine.

Product Ingredients

Heart Factors Plus contains a proprietary blend that includes l-arginine, chaste tree berry, green tea extract, and grape seed extract. Each serving contains 1140 mg of this blend, with the main ingredient being l-arginine. The formula also consists of 100 mg of vitamin B6, 50 mg of vitamin C, and 15 mg of zinc.

Both its vitamin B and C components act as antioxidants that boost the immune system and protect the heart. Moreover, vitamin B6 also helps replenish your blood supply by helping with the formulation of red blood cells. Heart Factors Plus also has calcium ascorbate, a patented version of vitamin C that helps to keep free radicals out of your bloodstream.

Its other ingredients, including green tea extract, grape seed extract, and zinc, work together to boost metabolism and act as anti-inflammatories and antioxidants. Furthermore, the grape seed extract also promotes circulation and zinc is a mineral that many people lack but that helps with thousands of bodily functions.

Other L-arginine Supplements

As a well-formulated circulation supplement, Heart Factors Plus may help boost your nitric oxide levels and blood flow. However, if you’re looking to compare it to other similar products, then Best Heart Health Supplements can help.

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